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Lampshades are a simple way of updating the colour scheme of your home. It is so easy to give an old lamp a new lease of life with our patterned drum lampshade. A striking lamp shade offers the opportunity to deliver a great deal of visual improvement to your room through its size, colour, and pattern. Drum shades add a contemporary feel to a room and work best with wider or rounder lamp bases.

You will find a great variety within our range of lampshades offering different colours and styles. The right lampshade can be an amazing thing. It can turn a dull lamp base into an object of beauty, or it can also be the perfect way to easily transform a room, tying all of your well-considered design elements together to make a stunning finished effect.

We think that buying lamp shades and bases separately would give you a wider scope to improvise and make your lighting accessories truly unique. Therefore with our lamp shades, you can create something truly special for your home.

All our lampshades are created in the Talex Interiors studio in the UK.